The First Brandable Mobile App For Lighting and Furniture Showrooms
Boost sales and customer loyalty with an affordable mobile app customized for your showroom products!
G.Milam University Training Sessions
We are now providing training tutorials for your showroom sales teams. Learn on an individual basis or train your entire team at once, with our specialized G.Milam University training sessions anyone can be a professional sales associate.
How It Works
Take a photograph of a room and add products, scale them to the room dimensions, then arrange to get just the perfect look – it couldn’t be any easier! Simply tap a product to see prices, descriptions, and more. You can add products straight to your portfolio, or even save entire rooms!
How to get the app
Drop us a line using the form below and let’s get in touch! We can demonstrate how the app works, or you can download the app and give it a try yourself! Next we can talk about how to brand the look and feel of the app so that it’s perfect for your store and customers. The last step is to get your products and information into your new app – don’t worry, we can make this very easy and stress free!